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ClearShield - giving you peace of mind for safety and security

ClearShield’s unique smooth perforated stainless steel design isn’t just aesthetically pleasing. It is also one of the safest for the occupants living within your home.

Accidents do happen, so bumping into or rubbing up against woven mesh type security doors and screens can cause a nasty graze, especially for small children or the elderly.

To demonstrate, we rubbed a potato against a piece of ClearShield security screen vigorously. As you can see the ClearShield screen didn’t even damage the skin of the potato, let alone peel it off.

The same can’t be said for the potato that was rubbed against a sample of stainless steel woven wire 😕🏠

Nothing comes close to the sheer strength and stunning good looks of ClearShield’s unique stainless steel security screens. Unlike woven mesh which collects dust, ClearShield security screens feature smooth and easy to clean stainless steel that is burglar resistant and fantastic to look at.

ClearShield screens are the perfect choice for your home combining outstanding visibility with peace of mind that comes from choosing a security product from a company that is leading the way in research and development.

All ClearShield screens are made to measure and match the existing colour scheme of your home.

Aluminium Plus is South Australia's ONLY ClearShield supplier. If you'd like to know more about our ClearShield products either head to the ClearShield website at or head to the Aluminium Plus website at

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