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Completely new look for Largs Bay residence

As we all know, wine may get better with age but that isn't always the case with our windows and doors.

A recent client of Aluminium Plus purchased a home in Largs Bay. Built in the 1960s, it hadn't been renovated or touched in over 50 years. Over the years the sea salt and air had not been kind to the original doors - causing damage, rust and warping to the original frames. The original frames were so damaged that they could no longer close properly, causing problems with battling the elements and security issues.

Aluminium Plus have now completely replaced all existing windows. All are made from Pearl White aluminium with Comfort Plus glass installed, the upgraded glass now allows the temperature in the home to be much more regulated. The windows are also fitted with Clearshield stainless steel security screens, solving the security issues that were previously being experienced. The front of the residence has been overhauled with two new sliding windows plus a sliding door, allowing the evening sea breeze in without compromising on security.

Below are some photos, including before and after shots, from the job.

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