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Rising trend - Gas Strut servery windows

Here at Aluminium Plus, we have noticed a growing trend - the rise in popularity of the gas strut window.

The gas strut is a unique and functional option, best for kitchen servery areas or places that require as much access as possible. Gas strut windows pen to 90° allowing a cool breeze in summer to flow in. When it is closed it gives a completely uninterrupted view of the outside, similar to the fixed window with the extra benefit of opening. Because of its design, the gas strut is put on top of a bench without the requirement for holes to be cut as the locking system is fixed to the frame sides.

Every gas Strut window is professionally shaped with high-performance gas struts. To open them all that is required is a slight push on the frame, and the gas struts do the hard work for you. To close you may either pull the window down or go to the outside of the frame and push down.

The benefits of gas strut windows

Maximize natural flow of air – As these windows are either fully open or fully shut, they allow for the maximum amount of air to flow through when they are kept open. This makes them a great option connected to an outdoor area with lots of flow through.

Fully uninterrupted view – you may love the view you get from a fixed window but you would love to feel the breeze on the hot summer days. The gas strut windows allow for the best of both worlds.

Strong 100mm frame – the struts are made from a 100mm frame, engineered perfectly to support the unique design of the window. This means that you can be assured that they will work as intended.

Pictured: mid way through our clients' kitchen renovation. The Gas Strut survery window provides an unobstructed view to the pool and patio area.

Is this option right for you?

Gas strut windows are perfect kitchen servery windows. They provide a unique and highly functional option for kitchen servery windows, whilst creating a clean contemporary look and unobstructed view.

If you are wondering if this is the right thing for your next renovation, organise a free in home measure and quote with us by calling 82851000.

Article originally written by Lucy for "Residence Style - Home Design Blog". Lucy's original article can be found here:

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