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New window gives 70s home new lease on life

Pictured above are some internal and external photos of a front bedroom window. These photos were taken at a job Aluminium Plus manufactured and installed in Highbury last month.

The residence still had the original wooden sash windows that were installed in the 70s. With only three small panels down the bottom of the original 3 panel fixed windows, the original frames had become splintery and damaged over time. Two of the three small panels were now painted shut, and the one that did open wasn't able to allow much air flow through when opened anyway.

The client also has external electronic roller shutters installed which they definitely wanted to keep. This meant that any extraction of the old window would have to be done very carefully, as we didn't want to damage any of the electronics or the shutter itself.

The clients now have brand new Paperbark aluminium sliding window installed, with a large fixed panel in the middle and sliding panels either side. This will allow a lot more air flow through to the bedroom and will remain strong and damage free for years to come. The job was also completed without any kind of damage to the existing external roller shutters. As all of Aluminium Plus' products are made to measure, the new window fit in perfectly and the roller shutters have no issues working with a new window and window frame behind it.

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