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What does my supply and install quote include?

If you haven’t had a window or door replaced before receiving your quote can come as a bit of a shock. If you’re wondering why the quote is so expensive or whether your quote is reasonably price there are a few things to consider.

Like any contractor work, a "supply and install" quote isn’t just for buying a door or window—the door or window itself is just one piece of the quote's puzzle. If you are getting more than one estimate for a replacement, here is what to look at when you compare quotes.


It goes without saying that the window or door itself will impact cost. What materials you have chosen is a factor that impacts replacement cost e.g. which colour aluminium your frames are made in, the type of glass you have chosen to be used.

In addition, consider the various additional materials used to install a window: the screws, adhesives, sealants, etc. There are quite a few items needed to install a window or door properly beyond the glass and frame.

Permits, certifications, and training

An improperly installed window or door may be a hazard to your safety or your property and may not allow your replacements to perform to their full potential. Hiring a professional also helps ensure that you have all of the proper permits to do the job. In Australia many building installations require a building permit and sometimes also need some sort of council approval depending on the job. Hiring a trained professional will ensure the installer follows the appropriate building codes for your particular job.

Removal and disposal

Your old window needs to be taken out before a new one can be put in. Doing that without damaging your home requires caution, and may require cutting into the brick or rendering. Once the window has been removed, it needs to be discarded safely and appropriately too. The exact details of this will of course depend on what sort of replacement you’re doing. After receiving a quote, you should have a clear idea whether your installer will be tearing out the framing of the window or just the sashes and tracks.

Installation labour

The actual labour cost of installing your window needs to be paid for, which should include the professional measuring of your current windows and recommendations on replacement options. This can be relatively simple and involve basic manual labour or it could be extremely complex and require an understanding of engineering and architecture. For that reason, this is one of the areas that will thus fluctuate the most between estimates. Your window will only perform as well as it is installed, so it is important to work with a company that understands and can successfully complete the installation process.

Trim and sealing

Trim and sealants need to be paid for as materials, and they also need to be properly installed. This is a minor detail with a huge impact on the practical efficiency of your window. New windows need to be properly sealed and caulked or your new windows may not realize all the benefits of your efficient new windows.

Touch-up and cleanup

Touching up paint and sealant so that your new window looks as pristine as a show home takes time and finesse. So does cleaning up all the residue and debris produced by the job. Window installers should also clean up after themselves, leaving their work area cleaner than it was when they arrived.

Article adapted from Pella windows and doors of North California,

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