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What Is The Difference Between A Single Lock And A Triple Lock (3 Point Lock)? Why should I get one?

Firstly, we need to explain the difference between the two locking systems. A single locked door is a door with one central lock only. This lock is located in the centre of either the right-hand side or the left-hand side outside looking in.

When you choose for your door to have a triple lock system, your screen doors will have a three-point locking system installed inside the door frame. This means that added to the central lock, there are two additional locking tongues located towards the top and bottom of the door. Those extra locks are connected internally and once you activate the main lock, the other two will automatically do the same. Genius.

This mechanism also allows you to lock the door from inside without using a key, but when opening and closing the door from outside it’s necessary to use the key.

Because it provides lockage at three points of the door it provides you with a significant improvement in security. Sure, they are more expensive than single locks, but when you are aiming for a higher safety level for your premises it’s worth investing in a three point locking system.

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