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Residential Doors


Strength is the key feature of the sliding door, with rounded Interlocks that offer both strength and style to the overall doors appeal. The various sill types include low profile sills for nursing homes and wheelchair accessibility. A high quality sealing system provides low air infiltration rates which means better energy efficiency and very good acoustic results. A maximum door height of 2700mm allows this door to be used in most applications and is a cost effective alternative to traditional commercial grade sliding doors. Built in security screen tracks add to this complete door system.

Open up your living area with the 200 multi track which has all the features of the sliding door with a stacking feature included. This door is a great alter­native to the Bi fold. With a 2/3rd opening, the door panels do not impede on indoor or outdoor areas. It incorporates cost saving built in security tracks, that allow the screens to also stack aside without the need to fit add on track systems. In patio and balcony applications, the sill can be flush with the drainage system underneath. Available in 3 or 6 panels.

stacker door inside.jpg
Stacker door to pool.png

Combined with full sized commercial perimeter framing with specially modified commercial door stiles the multi fold door achieves an attractive, functional alternative to traditional door units. The multi fold door features a unique weather seal arrangement to keep the elements on the outside. When installed in conjunction with flush bolts and a mortice lock, the multi fold door offers a secure, flexible design, ideal for both commercial and domestic installation. The multi fold door is designed to accommodate 35mm, 40mm and 45mm door sections. 

The beauty of our French Doors is the way they bring the outdoors indoors. Full, uninterrupted glass panels add light, space and picturebook outlooks, especially when teamed with side lights or full width top lights.
Strong, practical features include a wide profile, heavy duty hinges and a flush bolt for entry through one door while leaving the other safely closed.
Security locks and handles give added protection and, for even greater convenience, a common key can be supplied for all doors. 


Can't find exactly what you're looking for? Contact us at our Showroom where we can custom design and manufacture something to suit your needs. 

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