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First Time Out Of Home? How To Make Sure Your Home Is Safe

Pictured: A rental property located in Marden, in which Aluminium Plus recently installed a Black Diamond Grill security screen to the front of the house.

When you first move out of home, it can be both exciting and daunting. There are many things to consider when either renting or buying your own place, whether you live on your own, with a partner or housemates. One aspect of such a move which can sometimes be forgotten is home security. However, there are some quick and easy things you can do during your move and after you’ve settled in that can really make a difference to your home safety and security.

Using moving boxes

Something as simple as using plain moving boxes to move your belongings into your home can be a great advantage to your home security. Unfortunately, as you’re moving, you may find some neighbouring eyes prying on the goods that are entering your home. Although we’d like to hope this isn’t true, unfortunately not everyone is going to be looking out for your best interests. By having your belongings tucked away into plain moving boxes, not only are your personal items hidden, but they are more likely to be moved undamaged.

Locks on windows and doors

When you first get into your new home, be sure to check how all of your windows and door locks work and ensure they are fully functional. Not only is this good for safety from intruders, but also in the case of an emergency such as a fire. Ensure that all windows can be locked and all doors have locks that work. Deadlocks are the safest option, but if you are renting the property, seek permission before adding or changing locks on windows and doors.

Install a security system

Security systems can be the difference between a break-in and stopping a potential burglar from entering your home. There are a range of systems on the market, including “fake” systems that are installed for the purpose of deterring burglars. Some other good options include a camera that can be viewed from a smartphone, so if you are away from home, you can “check in” on your home. Systems can even be installed that include back-to-base alarm monitoring, which may reduce the cost of your insurance premiums.

Declutter exteriors

Nothing is more perfect for spying eyes than bushes and shrubbery around the home. This makes for a perfect place for someone to hide and have a look inside your house. By clearing any unwanted bushes and shrubs from around the home, you not only keep your home neat and presentable, but you also eliminate any trouble areas from windows and may stop incidents of potential burglaries from happening.

Know your neighbours

Maybe you used to laugh when your grandmother baked muffins for the new neighbours, but introducing yourself and getting friendly with your neighbours can actually be a great line of defence. If they get to know you and your movements, they’ll be more likely to notice if something (or someone) seems out of place.

Electrical wiring safety

By asking an electrician to check on your home’s wiring, you put any potential fire and electrical risks at bay. In older homes, it can be common to see wires inside walls start to fray or become loose. Even without an electrician’s visit, you can help the safety of your home by not overloading power boards and outlets and following manufacturers instructions on appliances and lighting fixtures.

The lights are on…

If you know you’re going to be leaving your home for an extended period of time, such as going away on holiday, it is wise to make your home look like it is still being occupied. Neighbours with bad intentions may notice you’ve gone, but if a light is seen on at night, they may think twice about approaching your home. If possible, ask a friend or trusted neighbour to visit your home or stay there for a night or two. Have your mail redirected to a local post office or a friends house if you are going to be away for an extended break. Full mailboxes mean empty homes.

Keep the tools away

One thing that is often forgotten about is the garden shed and all the tools you may have for those D.I.Y projects on a weekend. Truth is, those same tools are all that is needed to break into your home quickly and easily, without even breaking a window. Keep your garden shed locked and tools stored away in boxes. If you use any of your tools, make sure to place them back into the shed where they belong. Having tools laying around the yard or back door can easily help a burglar to make their way inside. Also ensure ladders are stored in the shed as they too can help an unwanted guest from gaining entry.

Social media safety

While it can be tempting to brag to your friends about your upcoming holiday, it’s best not to advertise your absence from your home on social media. Clever thieves can work out where you live, where you are and when you’ll be home just by looking at your photos. If you do post something, be vague about how long you’re away for. Similarly, don’t make a big deal about packing the car in the middle of the street when you’re going away- try to do so in the garage.

Security screens

Security screens are sturdy enough to keep criminals out, and give you an extra layer of protection. Don’t worry – you can find screens that look good as well as being safe.

Article first published by SP Screens

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