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Residential Windows


Our sliding windows are our most popular and most economical product at Aluminium Plus. This is a great looking window, featuring hollow sections for added strength with no unfinished or exposed edges. Heavy duty double rollers aid in the smooth operation and durability of the sash. The sliding window design allows for safe and easy cleaning. With a high quality sealing system, our sliding windows provide low air infiltration rates -  which means better energy efficiency and very good acoustic results. This window is available in both a 48mm wide domestic frame and a 101mm  wide commercial framing system.


Aluminium Plus’ awning windows are our most energy efficient and secure windows. Manufactured with a 48mm wide domestic framing section, these windows feature hollow sections for added strength and security. Rounded stiles and rails add to the aesthetic appeal. Each awning window accommodates a lockable chain winder. With a double sealing system, they are very effective at reducing noise transmission and energy loss.



Hung windows, also known as sash windows, are a classic and versatile type of window. They consist of one or more movable panels, called sashes, that slide vertically within the window frame. The sashes are counterbalanced by spring mechanisms, allowing for smooth and controlled movement.

Hung windows are characterized by their traditional aesthetic and functionality. Aluminium Plus specialise in manufacturing single-hung windows, where the bottom sash slides up and down to allow airflow.


Aluminium Plus manufacture our louvre windows using robust 101mm wide commercial window framing, designed specifically to accommodate Breezeway glass louvre slats. These adjustable angled louvres efficiently manage airflow while blocking rain and direct sunlight. The windows provide customizable ventilation and a contemporary aesthetic suitable for residential and commercial settings.

This versatile product enhances airflow and aesthetics, offering various options for glass louvres to meet client preferences. Additionally, it includes a built-in flyscreen provision integrated into the frame for added convenience and functionality.

Louvre Window 02.jpg

Can't find exactly what you're looking for? Contact us at our Showroom where we can custom design and manufacture something to suit your needs. 

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