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How to Stop Flies and Bugs From Invading Your Home

Mosquitoes and flies, albeit essential to the eco-system are also a nuisance to the humans that they live around. The last thing anyone wants while entertaining is a swarm of mozzies or flies invading their home, so we’ve listed the most effective ways you can mozzie-proof your home.

Screen your home

The most effective way of keeping bugs out is by installing screens on your windows and doors. It also pays to check for small spaces, such as vents, where insects can enter. There are a range of screens to choose from including, fly screens, safety screens (stronger than a fly screen, but not quite security), and security screens. The type of screen you need will depend on your climate and the hole aperture needed to insect proof your home, as well as any additional security needs. Security screens have modernised over the years and are designed to fit seamlessly into any home.

Can I mozzie-proof my alfresco?

Yes, there are several options to screen in your alfrescos and decks. Retractable screens are most commonly used to screen alfresco spaces. When they’re not needed in the cooler months, they can be left fully open so you can access the entire space as seen in the picture to the right. Sliding screens are also a practical solution for some patios and fixed window screens for sun rooms.

Remove all potential mosquito breeding grounds

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant, standing fresh water often found around the home. Mosquitoes can breed in the smallest amount of water, so it is important to clean up and empty items that can pool fresh water after rainfall, such as:

  • In tin cans, buckets, discarded tires and other artificial containers that hold stagnant water.

  • In untended pools, birdbaths, clogged rain gutters, and plastic wading pools that hold stagnant water.

  • In storm drains and catch basins in urban areas.

  • In septic seepage and other foul water sources above or below ground level.

  • In agricultural irrigation.

Plant natural mosquito repellents

Some plants repel mosquitoes and other insects with their natural fragrances. Here are a list of plants you can plant in the garden or in pots around your outdoor entertaining areas:

  • Citronella grass

  • Rosemary

  • Basil

  • Lavender

  • Marigolds

  • Catnip

  • Allium

  • Scented Geraniums

Need advice?

Aluminium Plus have many years of experience installing security screens and fly screens to mozzie-proof Adelaide and its surrounding suburbs.

You can call Aluminium Plus' friendly customer service team to arrange a FREE measure and quote on 8285 1000 today.

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