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Polaris Business Profile Series - Aluminium Plus SA

As a part of Shane and Mel's business journey they have been helped by the Polaris Centre in Mawson Lakes. Below is a business profile recently published by the Polaris Centre featuring the business and how Shane and Mel have used their services over the years to grow their business.

Picture of Shane and Mel provided by the Polaris Centre

Aluminium Plus is a local company in Salisbury South established in 1998. From awning and shop-front windows to stainless steel, multi-fold or decorative security doors, and even custom-orders, Aluminium Plus provides high quality, attractive and secure windows and doors. It is now owned by Shane and Mel Spher who both got a clearer view about doing business when they attended a Polaris Business Fundamentals Workshop. Mel also attended Women In Business events to hear others’ stories and experiences with their businesses. Inspired, informed and ready as can be, they bought Aluminium Plus in 2019. 

Transitioning into small business owners, Shane and Mel quickly got to know its inherent customs and practices, and eventually sought guidance to clear the way for greater growth. They signed up for a marketing program with Polaris and found that extremely helpful in learning how to promote the business and set up a website. 

They then joined Mentoring for Success for more personalised support. Over the last nine months, their mentor has been guiding them across all aspects of their business, particularly with how to build a winning team, manage staff, prepare for expansion and get systems in order with good budget control and financial reporting.   Click here to watch the Aluminium Plus Video.

Aluminium Plus has maintained and developed their reputation with glowing feedback on their quality products, hassle-free delivery, excellent service, and in-depth knowledge. Growth has been steady, and they are in good form to begin their expansion soon.  

Original article posted here: (06/09/2023)

If you'd like to learn more about the Polaris Centre, head to their website:

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